harvesting blooms

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During my years in NYC, I never had a garden. It is possible to have gardens in the city - I saw several of the rooftop verity that flourished. But the potted plants that lined my fire escape never did gain ground. Perhaps in my younger years, I was neglectful or sought to plant produce and flowers for the pure novelty of it. Since my attempt at a city garden was less than auspicious - I would make frequent excursions to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to get my nature-fill.
One has to visit a park to see flowers in their natural habitat in the city - though such pop-up miniature oasis's are rather ironic in pavement abundant city. They are always manicured to perfection. Which more often than not makes them look just as artificial as the city itself. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that the "Earth laughs in flowers." Maybe that's why the city is so serious.


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My city-self had a fantasy of living a simple life with acres of land to manage and fields of flowers to tend to. There is definitely a notion of that daydream in my present life. I may not tend to plots of land but at least I can plant my flowers in the ground. My life as a New Yorker seems foreign to me now as I've rooted in Tennessee. There is something unforced and autonomous about living in a city that sleeps - even though I might get frustrated that restaurants close by 8 or 9 at night and are all together shut on Sundays. However it is some what pleasant and poetic to see commerce shut down and seemingly say "living and sleeping are more important than cash flow." It is through this that balance is restored and in the words of Emerson "the Earth laughs."

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All flowers were taken from or around my garden. Arrangement, styling, and photographs by Maggie Pate. 

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