to live suddenly without thinking

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The romanticism and dreamy utopia that exists in my heart is often shrouded and cloaked by the realism that resides in my brain. Paying bills, laundry, strategic cleaning of house, managing bank accounts, appointments, brand meetings, product development - overtake the peaceful world I'd like to dwell in. Rarely do they seem to marry. More often than not, I pin to see my daydreams take shape; especially since I spend most of my day doing backend marketing, blog posts, and website merchandising for a furniture company. I rarely know if it was a breezy sunny day or if we were greeted with thunderstorms. Once I've finished my workday and the time to retire home has arrived, my eyes react like a vampire to light.  Unfortunately, the glow of a computer screen isn't a substitute for daylight. I live longingly for the weekend not just because I can see the daylight - but because those two days I get to actually be human. To live as I wish to live. To seek the lifestyle vignettes I dream about.  

If I were to live everyday in the settling and manner I desire; I'd wear romantic long lace dresses, outfit my head with handmade floral crowns, and frequent wild fields.  In the words of E. E. Cummings "to live suddenly without thinking." With the aid of my friend Jaime at Our Ampersand Photography, we decided to take a few hours on a Sunday to seek such an existence. 



Instead of scavenging for blooms, I headed to the grocery store to buy some flowers. Blush pink and soft white roses to be exact; just a cheap dozen. On the walk home, I pick a few bright sweet peas. I stole some mint and rosemary from the garden, which is replete with herbs.  I love using fragrant foliage in crowns because the eyes of everyone that encounters it widen as the inhale the scent.

Making off crown photography by Maggie Pate

Location photography by Jaime Smialek of Our Ampersand Photography 

Dress: Free People, Belt: archived Rebecca Taylor, Chiffon fabric: inks+thread , Shoes: vintage

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