Pastora of Vida Nueva 

Vida Nueva is a women's weaving cooperative in Teotitlan del Valle. These Zapotec women have continued passing down their patterns and weaving techniques from generation to generation. In 1996, Pastora and the other women who founded Vida Nueva (New Life) began their women's cooperative despite local traditions that only permitted men to weave. 

They weave to preserve their heritage, history, and community. Over the years, the coop has served their community through various projects, such as: tending to the elderly, providing children with toys and school uniforms, educating locals about regional medicines and herbs, giving aid to those in emergency situations, and protecting their environment. 

The women of Vida Nueva have brought the NADE STUDIO designs to life. Each items is ethically made by hand with naturally dyed wool and woven in Teotitlan del Valle by these exceptional women. Their giving hearts have inspired us as well. For every item sold, we will give 5% of the purchase price back to Vida Nueva in addition to their payment for creating these textiles so they can continue their outreach and community betterment. 

Hannah Thatcher

Hannah is our resident printer - as a freelance graphic designer she creates patterns that we screenprint onto custom naturally dyed textiles and paper. She also helps with all of our block printing. 


Other folks who have helped NÅDE STUDIO

become what it is! 

Rachel Tervenski - Logo Design

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