Emerald Botanical Bandana

Emerald Botanical Bandana


This piece is part of our Endangered Series. The Naturally dyed cotton bandana is printed with a collection of botanicals that are on the endangered species list. Keeping with our brand mission statement of simplistic slow craft combined with environmental practices. 10% of the profit from this product will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. To read more about the Endangered Series click HERE!

SIZE: 22 inches by 22 inches

FIBER: 100% Cotton

DYE MATERIAL: Marigold Flower & overdyed with Indigo

This product is USA made in Phoenix, Arizona. It requires 2 day of dyeing an 1 day of printing.

Please note that naturally dyed textiles display variegation in color, both in hue and consistency. If you are expecting perfection perhaps naturally dyed items are not for you. Prints may also be faded in certain areas, this is the nature of handmade goods.

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