Avocado Pit Weaving No. 2

Avocado Pit Weaving No. 2


This weaving explores simplistic movement with natural cotton rope, pillowy roving, and naturally dyed silk flow seamlessly through this piece.

All the fibers in this weaving are either dyed naturally with food waste or left natural. A range of fiber type are used from Australian roving, cotton from Texas, crepe de chine silk and silk velvet.

LABOR & TIME: 6 days of dyeing, 3 days of weaving


Copper Rods

Weaving Width: 48 inches (4 feet)

Length at longest point: 28 inches

This product is part of our sustainable Feed Weave project - that aims to use food waste and imperfect produce to create hue rather than chemical and synthetic polluting dyes. 10% of our annual sales from Feed Weave products go to non-profits supporting sustainable farming and local community kitchens.

Please email Maggie with questions about this piece or to commission large Feed Weave wall hangings - maggie@nade-studio.com

*** THESE ARE NOT FOR INTERNATIONAL PURCHASE *** Believe me you don’t want to pay for that shipping cost! :(

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