Undyed Fiber Weaving with Avocado Pit Dyed Warp

Undyed Fiber Weaving with Avocado Pit Dyed Warp


This weaving is full of textured and organic movement. Pillowy roving, organic cotton, and naturally dyed wool, velvet and silks flow seamlessly through this piece. Sections of negative space and tassel textures add opposing interest and give it an asymmetric organic shape.

All the fibers in this weaving are undyed except for the warp thread, which is naturally dyed using avocado pits. A range of fiber type are used from Australian roving, Icelandic wool, cotton from Texas, wool from Tennessee & Ohio.

LABOR & TIME: 2 days of dyeing, 5 days of weaving

DYE MATERIAL: Avocado Pits

Copper Rod: 23.5 inches

Weaving Width: 22 inches

Length at longest point: 26.5 inches

Please email Maggie with questions about this piece or to commission large Feed Weave wall hangings - maggie@nade-studio.com

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