Zero Waste Weaving No. 7

Zero Waste Weaving No. 7


This small handmade weaving featuring recycled fibers and scraps. Most of the weaving is recycled denim scraps from Collective Clothing (a Chattanooga vintage shop). Other materials are damaged roving wool and scraps of felting. All materials are 100% natural fibers, exploring diverse textures and weaving techniques.

Why Zero Waste… Fast fashion has been a huge catalyst in environmental degradation. The pollution, the chemicals, and the wear once and done garments. This ongoing series aims to promote a longer lifespan of clothing and fiber.

LABOR & TIME: 1 days of weaving

MATERIAL: Recycled denim, 100% wool felting scraps, damaged roving wool

Copper Rod: 12.5 inches

Weaving Width: 10 inches

Length at longest point: 33 inches

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