Coral Caravan Rug

Coral Caravan Rug


Naturally dyed fibers and undyed 100% wool are used to display a dash pattern. Maggie created this design during her first trip to Teotilan. It is handwoven on floor peddle looms in Teotilan, Oaxaca, Mexico by the women of Vida Nueva.

MATERIAL: 100% wool

SIZE: appx. 31-33 inches by 60-64 inches

COLORWAYS: Undyed Cream wool, green wool naturally dyed with pomegranate rind, and pink wool naturally dyed with cochineal.

PROCESS: This rug is created with wool naturally dyed sandelwood (pink), undyed grey wool, as well as undyed cream colored wool. Ethically Made in Oaxaca, Mexico by Pastora of Vida Nueva. It takes about 3 weeks for one rug to be made.

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