Capturing Color in Milan, Italy with Fusillo Lab

Capturing Color in Milan, Italy with Fusillo Lab


This Class is in collaboration with Fusillo Lab & Michael Gardenia

Learn how to turn your food scrapes and waste into magnificent colors. In this class, you will learn the basics of natural dyeing with Maggie Pate who specializes in capturing color with food waste. Watch as onion skins create a vibrant yellow, tea makes a soothing earthy brown, and blueberries dye a brilliant purple! Students will dye a cotton bandana, silk ribbon, and swatches to create their own dye book. Plus everyone will receive Maggie's Natural Dyeing E-Course so they can dye at home. 

Cost: $165 

Date: Saturday 21 September 

Time: 1 pm to 4 pm  

Location: Milan, Italy at Fusillo Lab

Note: Your name and contact will be shared with Fusillo Lab our collaborator on this event. Dates are subject to change.

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