Preparing Fiber E-Course

Preparing Fiber E-Course


Preparing your fiber for natural dyeing is extremely important. If you skip steps you waste time and money and do not obtain the results you desire. There are tons of ways to scour and mordant your fiber. This e-course shares the steps I use in my own practice in natural dyeing while exploring new colors and doing freelance dye work for clients.

This e-course is breaks down the supplies and tools needed to start this at home. Discusses fiber type and how to take the WOF for creating your scouring and mordant baths.

  • Lesson One: Dives into Tools & Supplies, Fiber 101, and what WOF is!

  • Lesson Two: Scouring Baths + Video

  • Lesson Three: Mordant Baths + Video

  • Resources and where to find supplies you need

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