Purple Corn Food Waste Dye Extract

Purple Corn Food Waste Dye Extract


We’ve collected purple corn that were about to be thrown out for over a year. Then we partnered with a BioTech Lab to have them transform this potential food waste into extract powder for natural dyeing. They have not been enhance in any way.

When natural dyeing with natural extracts keep in mind that you can expect differing results from those that come from the plant in natural form. If you are just beginning your natural dye journey, extracts are a wonderful jumping off point because they are easier and take less time. The Weight to Fiber Ratio is much lower with extracts because extracts are more concentrated. All natural dyes fade - it is true. So enjoy it and watch as it transforms over time.


  1. For this purple corn extract, I suggest a 18% WOF ratio.

  2. Measure out the amount of extract you need. Dissolve it in warm water in a glass cup or jar. Use a whisk to make sure to break up clumps.

  3. Fill your stainless steel dye pot with enough water that the fiber can float freely. Bring water to 120 degrees then add the dissolved extract.

  4. Then from the dye bath to 180 degrees and add fiber. Leave in the dye bath for 30 minutes and rotate fiber with wooden spoon.

  5. Let the dye bath cool. Then rinse the fiber and let dry way from sunlight.

SIZE: 2 oz. per package

SHELF LIFE: 1 year

STORE: Away from sunlight and in cool location. In refrigerator if you like.

Not for consuming!

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