Maggie Pate - owner of NÅDE STUDIO. Photo by Kyle Johnson

Maggie Pate - owner of NÅDE STUDIO. Photo by Kyle Johnson


It all started when…

Maggie Pate the designer + purveyor of Nåde. She began her career in fashion modeling internationally then retired to work for a label in New York City. Her work in textiles is a cross-section that explores the synthesis of textures, repetition + geometry. It forms a poetic visual language that ignites the potential of figurative rhythm - a visual synestheia; where shapes, colors + mood transform into a kaleidoscopic canvas. 

The last few years, her focus has shifted to cultivating a studio that is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly through capturing color with predominantly food waste collected from local restaurants and farms. In June 2018, she release her first book with Page Street Publishing - The Natural Colors Cookbook, which explores capturing color with food waste and pantry basics. Making natural dyeing and sustainable colors accessible to all was the main focus of the book. 

While she continues to explore natural dyeing, Maggie has extended the NÅDE STUDIO line to include naturally dyed and handwoven home goods through a partnership with Vida Nueva. Through Feed Weave - custom fiber installations & weavings, she continues to illustrate the waste nature of the food industry while advocating for slow craft and fighting food waste & hunger.