About Natural Dyes


The beauty of natural dyed items is that they are ever changing. Fibers dyed with food scraps or botanicals have captured a living hue. Imperfections and variations are part of the process and makes these items one-of-a-kind. 

Is the color permanent?

Natural dyes are not like other chemical colors. They do fade overtime. All of the NÅDE items are pre-treated to improve the lifespan of these magical hues. Care for your natural dyed pieces via the care tips below.

We look a naturally dyed items as a way to reconnect to nature, practice sustainability, and a practice of impermanence too. Since these hues are not vibrant forever, we encourage you to embrace and enjoy them through their life.

Keeping your naturally dyed item out of direct sunlight is critical. Sunlight bleaches natural hues at a rapid pace.

How do I clean my new naturally dyed items?

Most store bought detergents are designed to remove natural dye—the color is basically a stain. Plus they are pH shifters so they can also alter the color. Use a gentle or pH-neutral detergent such as Synthrapol or Woolite. Dry away from direct sunlight.

Aprons, Scarves & Bandanas: It is recommended that these items be washed by hand in cold water. Iron lightly on low setting.  

Rugs: Spot clean with water and lightly vacuum

Pillows: Spot clean with water and lent roll. 

Can I natural dye at home?

Yes! If you are a beginner… we recommend our e-course :)