About Natural Dyes


The beauty of natural dyed items is that they are ever changing. Fibers dyed with food scraps or botanicals have captured a living hue. Imperfections and variations are part of the process and makes these items one-of-a-kind. 

Is the color permanent?

Natural dyes are not like other chemical colors. They do fade overtime. All of the NÅDE items are pre-treated to improve the lifespan of these magical hues. Care for your natural dyed pieces via the care tips below.

We look a naturally dyed items as a way to reconnect to nature, practice sustainability, and a practice of impermanence too. Since these hues are not vibrant forever, we encourage you to embrace and enjoy them through their life.

How do I clean my new naturally dyed items?

Most store bought detergents are designed to remove natural dye—the color is basically a stain. Plus they are pH shifters so they can also alter the color. Use a gentle or pH-neutral detergent such as Synthrapol or Woolite. Dry away from direct sunlight.

Scarves & Bandanas: It is recommended that these items be washed by hand in cold water. Iron lightly on low setting.  

Rugs: Spot clean with water and lightly vacuum

Pillows: Spot clean with water and lent roll. 

Can I natural dye at home?

Yes! If you are a beginner… we recommend our e-course :)