Natural Dyeing E-Course

Natural Dyeing E-Course


This has been a long time coming… Over the years I have come across some many curious individuals longing to explore the process of natural dyeing. Even though I teach private and small group natural dye courses - I would like to make learning about sustainable textiles more readily available to everyone everywhere.

This natural dyeing is broken up into 10 Lessons and accompanied with 6 videos to aid in the explanation of natural dyeing. We start from the very beginning so no experience is necessary.

  • Lesson One: Dives into natural dyeing, fiber 101, and what WOF is!

  • Lesson Two: Scouring Baths + Video

  • Lesson Three: Mordant Baths + Video

  • Lesson Four: Dyeing from Plant Material + Video

  • Lesson Five Dyeing from an Extract +Video

  • Lesson Six: Altering Hue & pH Shifts

  • Lesson Seven: Gathering Dye Materials

  • Lesson Eight: Creating a Dye Book

  • Lesson Nine: Resources

  • Lesson Ten: Keep exploring + Video

    If you are interested in more dye recipes please check out my book The Natural Colors Cookbook!

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