makers monday

I think I have received my fair share of Black Friday Spam emails. Starting Tuesday and some still showing up today. How did Black Friday come to encompass an entire weekend - nay week. Maybe I run in a different circle but I've never found myself longing for the stuff Made in China. Let's celebrate the folks that create with their hands. The people who work their 9-5 only to go home or studio to put in hours at their second job. The small business that only survive with our help. Your friend with perpetually blue hands from indigo dye and your neighbor with a shroud of saw dust covering his clothes or the stranger with paint on her cheek and charcoal smudges on her fingertips. I know for me - every purchase is a compliment and a push of encouragement.

Inks + Thread is celebrating Makers Monday with a discount code through etsy, HOLIDAY2013 gets you 10% off your purchase through Dec. 5th. I've replenished favorites and added new items too. Support your favorite small business local or cyber. Here are some of my favorites: Squid Whale Designs, Dinosaur Toes, HRUSKAA, Crow SLC, Lake & Tower, A Wild Tonic, Adored Vintage, Tumbleweed Handcraft, and Bow and Arrow Apparel.