Foraged + Festive

The months leading up to winter haven't been the most joyful in my home. Hard and painful decisions were made and I have been longing to move forward. I was eager to jump into holiday season because their festivities are like serotonin for me. Apple cider simmers in a pot, the aroma of mulling spices dance through the kitchen and throughout the house. Bundling up to forage for pine and pyracantha. Clipping dogwood branches to craft into a wreath. Baking cookies with friends as Harry Potter streams in the next room. These are my antidepressants these days - it is no wonder why I jumped into Holiday Season back in November. The longer these days last the more joy and happiness I can squeeze out of them. Cheers to friends, family and festivities. 

Happy Holiday to you & yours! 

Maggie Pate1 Comment