1257 Meals

As we near March, I realized that I am a little late posting this but better late than never. In 2018, my project Feed Weave was able to provide 1257 meals to the hungry while fighting food waste.

NÅDE STUDIO - Fights Food Waste with naturally dyed weavings with Feed Weave

If you don’t know about Feed Weave -  it is my weaving series that uses only food waste as the natural dye material for the one-of-a-kind weavings I hand-make. Feed Weave explores the cross-section where food and slow craft intersect. With 40% of food produced in America going straight to landfills, food Waste is an epidemic contributing to starvation and environmental degradation.

Feed Weave forces people to see beauty in food scraps as delicate blushes emerge from a handful of avocado pits, fennel fronds morph into an icy green, and water-soaked black beans release an ashy blue hue. 

My hope is that this initiative will challenge people to see food in a new way... and reassess what they consider trash.  For every piece sold from the Feed Weave series, 10% of the profit is donated to Feed My Hungry Children. This past year, that 10% provided 1257 meals. So THANK YOU!!! 

See what Feed Weave pieces are currently available HERE or email me for a custom weaving at maggie@nade-studio.com

If you are interested in using your food waste as natural dye material, check out my book The Natural Colors Cookbook